View.Tool namespace


namespace Tool 


MeasureTypeThe different ruler types. Check out more details in MeasureLines, MeasureLine, MeasureLineStrip, MeasureAngle and MeasureArea.
MeasureUnitThe length unit of measurement tools.
SnappingModeThe snapping mode of measurement tools. It can either snap to vertex/point, the edge, the midpoint of edge, or no snapping at all.


CameraManipulatorThe camera control by mouse, keyboard and touch.
CameraNavigatorCamera animation controlled by input key points.
CommentThe comment tool.
MagnifyGlassThe zooming tool.
MeasureAngleMeasure the radians of the angle.
MeasureAreaMeasure the area of the polygon defined by a number of points.
MeasureLineMeasure the distance of two points.
MeasureLineFanMeasure the distance of two points, one being fixed and the other changed with each mouse click.
MeasureLinesMeasure the total distance of a bunch lines.
MeasureLineStripMeasure the total distance of a bunch connected lines.
SectionThe section tool.
SelectElementsSelect single or group of elements.
SelectModelSelect the model in the scene.
TransformGizmoTransform gizmo