Model namespace


export declare namespace Model 


compare(modelId1, modelId2)Compare two models. if succeed, there will be 4 arrays in the result, including new elements in model1, new elements in model2, modified elements in model1, modified elements in model2.
generate3DPDF(modelId)Generate a 3D PDF file from a model. The exporting takes a while and this function returns immediately when the requests is sent to backend server succesfully. One needs to call get3DPDFURL to poll the exported 3D PDF's download URL.
get(modelId)Get information of the model with given id.
get3DPDFURL(PDFId)Get url of a 3D PDF. It takes a while to generate the URL after generate3DPDF is called. Users have to poll the URL. Moreover, the URL is a temporary one. It will expire after a short of period of time for secure reason. Users have to download PDF as soon as she has the URL.
getBBox(modelId)Get the bounding box of the model
merge(name, modelIds)Merge several models together into one model. Both geometry and BIM data of the models will be merged. The model's BIM data will become BIMModel in the BIM structure of new model and its model ID is kept as originModelId in BIMModel.
remove(modelId)Remove a model from its project and folder.
update(modelId, name)Update the information of a model including name, description, created date and so on.
upload(file, configOrOnProgress)Upload a model.


ElementTypeElement Type Enum.

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
ModelCompareResultType information of model compare result
ModelDataType information of Model Object
UploadModelConfigType information of Upload Model Config