BIM namespace


export declare namespace BIM 


BIMTreeNodeTypeValid types of BIM tree node


addCustomElementProperty(modelId, elementId, propertyName, propertyValue)Add a custom BIM property on to the element.
addCustomElementsProperty(modelId, elementIds, propertyName, propertyValue)Add custom BIM properties on a group of elements.
getElementProperties(modelId, elementId)Get all BIM properties of a single element.
getElementsProperties(modelId, elementIds)Get common BIM properties of some elements. Note the values of common properties are not fetched.
getTreeInfo(modelId)Get the BIM structure of a model. The structure is represented in BIMTree which is organized in a tree structure. From the top to bottom, there are BIMModel, BIMLevel, BIMCategory, BIMFamily, BIMType, BIMType. For example, a model can contain a few levels and a level can contain a few categories. So far so forth.
removeCustomElementProperty(modelId, elementId, propertyName)Remove a custom BIM property from the element.
removeCustomElementsProperty(modelId, elementIds, propertyName)Remove custom BIM properties from a group of elements.
updateElementProperty(modelId, elementId, property)Update the value of one BIM property of a single element.
updateElementsProperty(modelId, elementIds, property)Update the value of a common property of some elements.

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
BIMCategoriesType information of BIM categories object
BIMCategoryType information of a BIM category node
BIMElementType information of a BIM Element node
BIMElementsType information of BIM elements object
BIMFamiliesType information of BIM families object
BIMFamilyType information of a BIM family node
BIMLevelType information of a BIM level node
BIMLevelsType information of BIM levels object
BIMModelType information of a BIM model(doc) node
BIMModelsType information of BIM models(docs) object
BIMNodeTypeType information of a BIM node
BIMPropertyType information of a BIM property
BIMTreeType information of a BIM tree
BIMTypeType information of a BIM type node
BIMTypesType information of BIM types object
SelectionSetType information of a selection set